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ZYSA Tryouts

2015/16 ZYSA Academy/Travel Program and Tryout Information

U8-U10 Academy

U11-U14 Jr. Travel

U15-U18 Sr. Travel

Girls U15-U18 Fall MRL Sr. Travel (Fall Only)

2015-2016 Coaching Staff – TBA


2015 Tryout Results

U8-U18 Boys: Click Here

U8-U18 Girls: Click Here


Online Tryout  Registration

U11-U18 Travel: Closed

Fall 2014 Girls U15-U18 MRL Sr Travel:  Closed


U8-U10 Boys and Girls Academy: 

Tryout Dates: Tuesday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Walk-in Registration (available on tryout day, paperwork will be required, online registration is highly suggested)

Tryout Times: TBA

Age Chart


U11-U18 Boys and Girls Travel Soccer:

Tryout Dates: Monday, June 8 and Tuesday, Junes 9, 2015

Tryout Times: TBA

Age Chart


U11-U18 Boys and Girls Travel Soccer Supplemental Tryout:

Tryout Date:

Tryout Times: TBA

U11/U12 Boys and Girls: 

U13-18 Boys and Girls: 

Age Chart


U15-U18 Girls Fall MRL:

Information Meeting: TBA

Tryout Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tryout Times: TBA

Age Chart



- High quality DOCs and coaching staff (current & former ODP staff)

- High quality facilities

- Winter indoor training in our state of the art indoor facility

- Goalkeeper training with GK Coach included for Fall/Spring U10-U18 Training

- Three levels of teams to meet any player’s interest & abilities

Please contact Carlos Zavala  (zysasoccer@gmail.com), Director of Coaching, if you cannot attend the tryout dates listed above. Please also Cc the appropriate girls or boys director on the email:

McKinley Jones (mj3soccer@hotmail.com) – Girls U11-U18 Director of Coaching
Ian Scott (ianscottadoc@gmail.com – Boys U11-U18 Director of Coaching

Rick Fiege (rwfiege1@aol.com) – Academy U8-U10 Director of Coaching

For Supplemental Tryout Information Please contact:
Boys - Ian Scott (Boys Asst. DOC)
Girls - McKinley Jones III (Girls Asst. DOC)
*All tryouts will be held at the ZYSA outdoor complex

ZYSA Policy for Missing Travel Tryouts/Playing Up

ZYSA Policy for Missing Travel Tryouts

Prospective ZYSA Travel players are expected to attend both nights of Travel Tryouts for their team. If a player will not be able to attend a tryout session, he/she must inform the Director of Coaching in writing prior to May 27th. The written notification must include why the player will miss tryouts. The Director of Coaching will discuss each notification with the player and determine if the player will be granted an excused absence from tryouts. The Director of Coaching will generate a list of players with excused absences and present it to the Travel Committee. No excused absences will be granted after May 28th unless there is a family emergency or injury. A family emergency or injury must be reported to and discussed with the Director of Coaching as soon as practical, but before the beginning of tryouts. Players with an excused absence will be expected to attend a supplemental tryout session. Players with unexcused absences will be evaluated based on their performance at the scheduled tryout session.

The ZYSA travel soccer program is intended for players committed to participating in team soccer activities to improving their soccer skills. ZYSA is also a community-oriented club. We encourage players to participate in a variety of athletic and academic activities with the belief that these activities make better kids and better soccer players. We understand that these activities, along with other personal commitments, may occasionally take precedence over soccer. If these activities create a conflict with travel soccer tryouts, we expect that to be communicated to the Director of Coaching well in advance of the scheduled tryouts. The Director of Coaching will ultimately determine if an excused absence from tryouts will be granted to a player.
Every player wishing to play on a ZYSA travel team must try out. An excused absence does not guarantee a place on ZYSA travel team or identical evaluation criteria to those participating in the scheduled tryout. Players missing the scheduled team tryouts do so at their own risk.
ZYSA Play-Up Policy
A player that would like to play-up in an older division must submit a written request to the ZYSA Director of Coaching. The ZYSA Director of Coaching must receive the written request no later than May 15. The parents must also discuss their child’s request with the Director of Coaching prior to the beginning of tryouts.
• Upon approval by the Director of Coaching, the player may tryout for an older division team. The player will be evaluated during tryouts along with other players trying out for the desired team. An under aged player may be placed on a team based on the following:
• Players may only request to move up in age by 1 year.
• The player must be evaluated during the scheduled team tryout period.
• The player must demonstrate the mental, psychological, and physical maturity required to perform at an older age group.
• The player must be determined by the evaluators to be an “impact player” for the older division team. An impact player is generally defined as one of the top 3 players on the team.
The general rule is: if the player is NOT in the top 3 (impact players) on an older team, he/she should be playing age appropriate for several reasons. Playing up as an “impact player” can have several advantages to a player and his/her development. Playing up as a “role player” does not typically benefit the player and may cause the player to regress psychologically and physically (playing time), which in turn will hinder tactical and technical abilities/experience.
Proposed exception to this policy must be presented to the Travel Committee by the Director of Coaching for discussion and approval. The Director of Coaching can make exceptions to this policy based on roster needs. The decision of the Director of Coaching and the Travel Committee concerning team assignment is final.

Any questions regarding this policy and the philosophy behind it should be addressed to the ZYSA Director of Coaching