Thanks for a great inaugural indoor season!

This past winter ZYSA started an indoor pick-up league for 10U-HS.

It was successful because of the support and participation of a group of wonderful players and parents.

Thank you to everyone who participated and provided feedback!

The ZYSA league is open to any current or non-ZYSA rec, rec plus, rec travel, or rec select players, including those whom have never played.  Travel players may be considered for participation in certain circumstances and will be approved by Leah Brendel on an individual basis. Players will participate in eight (8) games within the league.

Session 2 play dates: 1/20, 1/27, 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24

League play divisions will be organized by birth year as noted below:

  • 2000/01/02/03/04 Coed Division (Senior Rec)
  • 2005/06/07 Coed Division (Junior Rec)
  • 2008/09/10 Coed Division (Youth Rec)

All games will be played at the ZYSA Indoor Facility. 

Players can register as individuals for $65.00. Fee does not include uniform. Pinnies will be available or teams can wear white or black shirts.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Leah Brendel.


GAME DURATION: 10U (09/10), 12U (07/08) & U14U (05/06) groups will each play a 45 minute running game with no halftime during their assigned times. The HS (2000-2004) group will play a 90 minute running game also with no halftime during their assigned time. Substitutions will occur every 5-10 minutes to ensure adequate playing time for every player.

FORMAT: All age groups will play 7v7. 6 on the field and 1 goal keeper. 

SUBSTITUTIONS: Players can enter the game on the fly, at any point. Play does not stop for substitutions. Players must be completely off the field before the substitute may enter the field of play.

OFFSIDE: There is no offside rule in the ZYSA Winter Indoor 7v7 League

GOAL SCORING: Goals must be scored from inside the attacking half of play.

BALLS OUT OF BOUNDS: The ball can be played off the wall and will remain in play until it touches the side or top netting. The referee will be responsible for calling a dead ball in that event. All balls will be played in from as a direct kick with ball in idle position. There are no throw-ins.

DEAD BALLS: All dead ball situations will be played as a direct kick.

GOAL KICKS: Can be played from anywhere within the goal box.

KICK OFF: Can be taken in any direction. Goals cannot be scored directly from the kick off.

5 YARD RULE: For all dead ball situations, the defending team must stand at least five (5) yards away from the ball.

PENALTY KICKS: If awarded, will be a direct kick taken from the top of the goal box. All other players will start behind the midline. This is a live kick.

COED FORMAT: Teams will be coed. All-male and all-female teams are allowed. There is no restriction to the number of males or females on the field at any time. Sportsmanship is expected of all players, coaches, and spectators.

PLAYERS: All players on a specific team must be in the same color shirt or pinnie. Goalies must be in a color different from both teams. Players must have shin guards to participate in any game. Cleats, indoor shoes, or tennis shoes are allowed.

4 GOAL RULE: If a team is up by 4 goals, the opposing team is given an option to add a player to the field.

GOAL KEEPER PASS: When inside the goal box, a goalie may use their hands whenever the ball is passed to them from their defending half.

SLIDE TACKLING: Slide tackling is not allowed in any capacity.

CONDUCT: All players, coaches, and parents will be held to the ZYSA Code of Conduct. Any situations involving this code will be handled on an individual basis.