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Rec Playing Rules

ZYSA Playing Rules

All ZYSA games will be played under international rules (FIFA) as modified below:

General Rules:

  • We have a full schedule of games to complete each day. It is very important that you begin the games on time and end on time.
  • Manage and keep track of your own game time. Use watch or phone.
  • Provide your own game ball. (You can use one of the players ball)
  • In 5U, 6U, 7U and 8U, you coach and ref the game at the same time.  It is OK for you to be on the field during the game if you wish.  No whistle is required.
  • Make sure the parents sit on the opposite side of the players and coaches bench.  Parents are not allowed on the player sideline or behind the goal.
  • Make sure everybody plays.

Game Duration

  • 5U - 8U games: 4x10 minute quarters (2 Minute breaks between quarters)  
  • 10U games: 4x12 minute quarters (2 min break between quarters & 5 minute for halftime)     
  • 12U games: 2x 30 minute halves (5 min halftime)
  • 14U games: 2x 35 minute halves (5 min halftime)
  • HS games: 2x 40 min halves (5 min halftime)

Ball Size

  • 5U - 8U: Size #3 Ball
  • 10U -12U: Size #4 Ball
  • 13U & up Size #5 Ball

Format of Play

  • 5U - 8U: 4v4 (No Goalkeepers)  (All field players)
  • 10U-HS: 7v7 (With Goalkeepers)  (6 field players and 1 GK)


  • 5U - 8U: NO Referees
  • 10U-HS: Referees are assigned (Remember, many times these are young kids still learning,  Please be patient and kind)


Kickoff can be played with “one touch” in any direction.


  • 5U - 8U:  NO OFFSIDE
  • 10U:  OFFSIDE will be enforced "loosley" at the referees discretion 
  • 12U-HS: Offside will be enforced by referee


Heading is not allowed in 5U, 6U, 7U, 8U, 10U or U12 games. An indirect free kick is awarded at the spot of the header.

If a header occurs inside the penalty area, the indirect free kick is from the top of penalty area.

Goal Kicks

5U - 10U Games: When attacking team kicks the ball over the defending teams end line.  The opponent must drop back to halfway line on goal kicks.  Any player can take the goal kicks anywhere inside the penalty area.

12U-HS Games: FIFA rules

Corner Kicks
ALL age groups use corner kicks when defending team touches ball over their own end line.

Punts/Drop Kicks

  • 5U - 8U: NO Goalkeepers
  • 10U games: NO punts or drop kicks allowed. GK can roll/throw the ball out or pass it out with their feet.  The opposing team must retreat to the center line when the GK has possession.
  • 12U-HS games: punts and drop kicks allowed.

Throw-Ins vs. Kick-Ins

  • 5U - 7U: Use Kick-ins when the ball goes over the sideline
  • 8U - HS: Use Throw-ins when the ball goes over the sidelines

No Jewelry
For player safety, NO jewelry of any kind is allowed at any time. This is standard at all levels of soccer and part of the national guidelines. That includes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. Be sure all players remove all jewelry (boys or girls) before they enter the field of play.


Substitutions can be made on ANY stoppage of play.

Individual Player Eligibility

No player may play in more than two matches per day.

Coach Eligibility

Each coach must be registered with the Club and have an approved background check before the season begins. 

Disciplinary Action

  • Any player ejected from a match will be ineligible to participate in the team’s next match. No substitution for an ejected player. 
  • Any coach ejected from a match must leave the fields. He/she will then serve a one-match suspension.
  • Any coach or parent ejected more than once in the same season will be banned for the remainder of that Club's matches for that season.