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ZYSA Rec Select Soccer (11U-19U)

Rec Select 11u-19u

Spring 2019 Rec Select Registration:  Click Here
Note:  All Rec Select Players must register for the Rec Program


  • $50 Early Registration (through January 20, 2019)
  • $75 Registration (effective January 21, 2019)

Program Information:

  • 4 days of commitment each week. (1 Jr./Sr. Rec practice, 1 Rec Select practice, 1-2 Jr./Sr. Rec games, 0-1 Rec Select game)
  • Players will be placed on age-specific select teams coached by one of the Rec Directors.
  • No try-out necessary. Players select themselves for the team by registering for the add-on program during Junior or Senior Rec registration.
  • Practices will be once a week on Wednesdays for 90 minutes.
  • No Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday practices offered for Rec Select.
  • 3 games will be played on select Saturdays and Sundays.
  • One game will be played during the week in the second half of the season. *this one game may interfere with one rec practice*
  • Rec Select uniforms are NOT included in the program fee.


Z5572-5586 S 700 E.
Zionsville, IN 46077



7225 West 56th Street.
Indianapolis, IN  46254



3451 W 126th St. 
Carmel, IN 46032


Northwest Metro Conference Game Rules

(revised 8/15/18)


Refs paid 1/2 by each team for each game:
U12/U19  $40, $26, $26  
U14/U16  $50, $36, $36     
If a game is canceled due to weather and the game has not started, the referees do not get paid. If the game is forfeited, or canceled because of some other issue within 24 hours, the refs will be paid by both teams.  

All NWMC games will be played under international rules (FIFA) as modified below:
Game Duration
U12 games 2x30mins, with 5 min halftime.  Format: 9v9 (Size #4 Ball)
U14 games 2x35 mins, with 5 min halftime. Format: 11v11 (Size #5 Ball)
U16 games 2x40 mins, with 5 min halftime. Format: 11v11 (Size #5 Ball)
U19 games 2x35 mins, with 5 min halftime. Format: 7v7 (Size #5)

All Divisions

FIFA Rules with the following modifications:

Offsides: will be enforced for U12-U16. Will not be enforced for U19, however, no cherry-picking allowed in U19 and will be enforced as an offside call.

Substitutions: can be made on ANY stoppage of play at the discretion of the official

Kickoffs: can be played in any direction

Goal kicks: no restriction on distance

Punting: no punting in the U19 division. An indirect kick will be awarded from the top of the arc for any violation.

Scoring: Game scores are to be reported on GotSoccer within 7 days of game completion. Scores not submitted in that time will be considered a 0-0 tie and recorded in league standings as such.

Team Eligibility: Each team shall provide a club pool roster. If players are not present on pool roster, they may not play. Players not competing in the match should be crossed out.

Player Eligibility: All NWMC players must be Indiana Soccer-approved. Player cards are not required to be presented at each match. Players must be listed on the pool roster in order to participate in a given match.

Coach Eligibility: Every coach must have a valid Indiana Soccer-approved background check.

Club Eligibility: Players may play with any team in their club at or above their age group. Players my play up an age group, but not down. Travel players may not compete in the NWMC league unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon by the league directors as an exception.

Disciplinary Action: player ejected from a match will be ineligible to participate in the team’s next match. No substitution for an ejected player. Any coach ejected from a match must leave the fields. He/she will then serve a one-match suspension. Any coach ejected more than once in the same season will be banned for the remainder of that Club's matches for that season. In the event that a spectator is ejected from a match, their Club they may receive sanctions from the league as determined by the NWMC Club Directors.

Reschedule Policy: In the event there is a weather delay during a match, matches will be on a "running clock" meaning there will be no delay to the schedule. If a match gets cancelled or abandoned before kickoff, teams can reschedule to a different date, time, location. If a match gets cancelled or abandoned during the first half, teams can reschedule to a different date, time, location. Teams will need to pay referee fees for these types of reschedules. If a match gets cancelled or abandoned at or after halftime, the match is considered complete and the score will be recorded as final. 

Matches will be rescheduled on the planned make-up days included in the season schedule. (October 10th & 13th for Fall 2018 season.) If teams choose to schedule the game outside of the scheduled make-up days, they can do so with approval from each club director.

Any rescheduled game details (day/time) should be agreed upon by the team coaches, then confirmed by the home-club director & facilities team for field assignments. Once the reschedule has been approved, contact Leah Brendel for confirmation and GotSoccer scheduling updates.

Thunder/Lightning: Thunder will be treated the same as lightning and NWMC follows the "30-minute" In the event that thunder is heard or lightning is seen, games will be stopped and players/spectators will be directed to go to their vehicles. Games will not resume until 30 minutes have passed since the last incident of thunder or lightning.

Severe Weather Watch or Warning: In the event that severe weather is projected (i.e. National Weather Service issues Watch or Warning) the following guidelines are in effect: Referees and Club Directors have authority to not start or abandon a game in progress based on weather and field conditions. In the event that a WATCH is issued games may be played. In the event that a WARNING is issued before the start of or during play the game may be cancelled or abandoned.

Extreme Cold: In the event that the local air temperature or wind chill index dips to or below 36°F the following guidelines will take effect. 36°F and above - No action taken. 36°F and below* - Cancel games & outdoor activities. (* Air temperature or Windchill Index at game time)

Extreme Heat: In the event that the air temperature rises to or above 90°F the following guidelines will take effect. 90°F and below - No action taken. Between 90°F and 100°F - Enforced 2-minute water breaks during each half. 100°F and above* - Cancel games & outdoor activities


Rec Travel is now *Rec Select*

ZYSA will no longer offer the Rec Travel program as of 2019.
The program will be replaced by 3 new offerings:
In-House Rec
2005-2008 Junior Rec
2000-2004 Senior Rec
Out-of-House Rec
2000-2008 Rec Select