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Severe Weather Policy

The Club will make a determination on the weather and field status by 2pm the day of training.  Email communication alerts will be sent to all the families and coaches.

The below policies will be strictly enforced.  If severe weather hits during the training or game, all are to immediately evacuate the fields and seek shelter in their vehicles (NOT the Shelter area).  If a child's parents/guardians are not available, we will move the child to the Indoor Facility.

We will sound an air horn siren to alert everybody on the field.


  • Thunder will be treated the same as lightning and ZYSA follows the "30-minute" rule.
  • In the event that thunder is heard or lightning is seen, games will be stopped and players/spectators will be directed to go to their vehicles.
  • Games will not resume until 30 minutes have passed since the last incident of thunder or lightning.

Severe Weather - Watch or Warning

  • In the event that severe weather is projected (i.e. National Weather Service issues Watch or Warning) the following guidelines are in effect:
  • Referees and Club Directors have authority to not start or abandon a game in progress based on weather and field conditions.
  • In the event that a WATCH is issued games may be played.
  • In the event that a WARNING is issued before the start of or during play the game may be cancelled or abandoned.

Extreme Cold

In the event that the local air temperature or wind chill index dips to or below 36°F the following guidelines will take effect.

  • 36°F and above - No action taken
  • 36°F and below* - Cancel games & outdoor activities

* Air temperature or Windchill Index at game time

Extreme Heat

In the event that the air temperature rises to or above 90°F the following guidelines will take effect.

  • 90°F and below - No action taken
  • Between 90°F and 100°F - Enforced 2-minute water breaks during each half
  • 100°F and above* - Cancel games & outdoor activities

* Air temperature or Heat Index at game time