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Referee Assignors

Rec, Rec+, Travel and Tournaments (Grade 8 and above) - Thom Parks

Gotsoccer Referee Registration Instructions:  Click Here

Referee Training Classes:  Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How old do I have to be to referee?
A: 12 years old (Referees must be 2 years older than the players they are refereeing.) It is highly recommended that the referee have at least two years of recent playing experience.
Q: When and where are the classes to be a referee?
A: Please go to the following site to register: Click Here
Q: What referee opportunities are there at ZYSA?
A: Depending upon which Grade referee you are, your age, experience playing soccer (understanding of the game) and comfort level, you will be matched with an appropriate age to begin refereeing.  Grade 8 referee courses will allow you to referee recreational, Rec+, travel and tournaments at ZYSA.
Q: What else will I need to purchase in order to referee?
A: Yellow referee jersey, a watch, a whistle, black shorts, black socks and black shoes (preferably soccer cleats). Depending upon the game level, you may need flags, record book, and additional color jerseys.
Q: How am I assigned games?
A: Once you become a certified referee, please e-mail  the following assignor for additional information: 
Rec, Rec+, Travel and Tournaments (Grade 8 and above): Thom Parks